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The Saad Musa Fabrics limited has set up a State of the Art Garment factory in Chittagong for manufacturing tops primarily for Export Purposes. This factory is the outcome of the strong vision of Saad Musa Group to expand vertically into Garmenting as a natural progression based on its strength in fabrics.

Capacity 1.3 million pieces per annum


To ensure that high quality levels are achieved in terms of consistency an appropriate selection of machinery has been made. The machines in the part section are all Japanese’s machines to ensure high level on quality.


This factory would be utmost flexible to handle both formal and casual tops and bottom and in stage 2 washing unit will be set up to handle the washing requirements. Also the factory is being configured to handle both short runs and long runs.


This factory would meet compliance requirements of our leading buyers in terms of safety, adherence to environmental norms, social obligations etc.


USA 40%
Europe 60%

Compliance (Quality, Social, Environmental)

The factories are compliant by most of the major buyers like Kik,Target,Wal-Mart,K-Mart,etc. We are planning on a RAP certification in the near future.

Product Profile:

With the above mix of machinery we specialize in making bottom wears. We produce basic 5 pockets, boot cuts, flares, engineered jeans, cargos, carpenters and customers specific hi fashion styles also. We can also manufacture skirts, shorts also.


At Saad Musa Fabrics Limited, quality is a way of life. We ensure strict quality control and quality assurance mechanisms to ensure that the garments that come out of our lines are defect free. We have QC after each process of garment making and any defects that are identified are quickly corrected. We also have a system of roving QC, whose job is to identify defects even when the product is being manufactured. This helps us minimize corrections.

Customer service

In keeping with Saad Musa’s customer-oriented philosophy we offer reliability and quality. The emphasis is firmly on innovation. Our Product Development Center at the Denim Mills is dedicated to creating and crystallizing customer vision. A dedicated team of over 25 specialists from areas like Spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, textile chemistry and washing finishes form the Development and New Technology Group. The group has a dedicated infrastructure, which includes Baby Rope Dyeing Range to develop new products and work on newer concepts to produce denim of tomorrow.

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Saad Musa Fabrics Limited

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